Do Something!

Action is our part of manifestation.  God does not perform our actions for us and neither do angels.  We say the prayer, let God do Her part, and proceed with our past.

We pray for career success.  God sets up the opportunities and we respond to them.  We still have to get up every weekday and go to the job, regardless if this career will be the success one or another one will be.  We pray for good health.  We still have to exercise, eat right, and see the appropriate healer for checkups and treatments.

In that time between the saying of the prayer and the manifestation of the outcome, we take action.  We demonstrate the manifestation by responding to all the opportunities God puts out for us.  And we take positive actions in our jobs, our relationships, our health as if we already have the answer to the prayer.

Our actions show the Universe our intentions.  We give to charity and circulate our wealth in order to have more wealth.  We wish good health to and take care of others in order to have good health.  We love and respect others in order to have good relationships.  We show up fully at our jobs, regardless of whether they are our true vocations or just interim steps, in order to have career success.

Angels cannot do all the work for us.  We have our assignments, too.


Action is an important step in manifestation.  You can pray, visualize, or affirm till the proverbial cows come home, but if there is work you need to do, things will not manifest.

We have all heard the expression, “Actions speak louder than words”.  We must watch our actions as we present ourselves in the world.  It does not matter what we teach if we do not practice our teachings.  We will be remembered for our actions, not our words.

Our actions need to be good ones if we do not want the consequences of bad actions.  Every major religion warns of the consequences of doing wrong.  In the East, this is known as karma.  In the West, it is said that we reap what we sow.

We will always be judged by our actions, whether it is the result of Universal Law returning what we put out or those who watch us and compare what we say with what we do.

Actions of kindness strengthen relationships.  We can tell someone how valuable his or her friendship is but showing our friend this with acts of kindness makes an indelible impression.

Our actions are especially important with children.  They learn by imitation and will do as we do, rather than what we say.

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Give Thanks

Gratitude is the little doorstop that keeps open the door through which blessings flow. The more we give thanks, the more we receive to give thanks for. Gratitude should be a part of everyone’s spiritual practice.

Gratitude needs to be at the heart of every practice. Being grateful for all the blessings in our lives raises our energy. It also makes us feel good. Gratitude is a state of happiness. And a state of gratitude paves the way for more blessings to enter our lives. The Universe responds with more of what we express. By feeling gratitude, we are rewarded with more to feel grateful for.

If something is missing from our lives, a need or a desire, we have only to ask. With a regular gratitude practice, we already have our hearts open to receive.

Some people have formal gratitude practices in which they list five things every night that they are grateful. Or they find something to be grateful for that they did not list previously. This requires spending the day looking for a gift that they have not given thanks for before.

Gratitude is a habit. The more we express it, the easier it is to move into and stay in that place of gratitude.

Keeping a gratitude journal is a simple way of remembering to be thankful. We can do this several ways. We can write about what we are thankful for in detail, we can make a daily list of five things we are grateful for, or we can write down every day something that we are thankful for that we have not previously listed. This last method teaches us to look deeper every day at our blessings.

When we are in the process of manifesting something in our lives, gratitude for what we already have is essential to bringing in the new blessings. But our gratefulness must be genuine. It is not simply an exchange, “I’m thankful for this, give me some of that.” We need to cultivate a sense of thankfulness just because we are grateful, nothing more.

After a while, gratitude becomes a habitual way of thinking. Whatever situation we find ourselves in, we will automatically notice what is good about it, what to be thankful for. Keeping a continuous sense of gratitude going will cause us to live a more joyous life.
Gratitude is probably the second highest spiritual practice, succeeded only by love. When we practice gratitude, we bring ourselves into a state of joy. We also open up to receive more of what we are grateful for.

While deeply rooted in gratitude, other things in life become easier. The positive energy of gratitude extends to the life around us. Gratitude becomes a habit. After practicing for a while it becomes automatic.

A gratitude practice is simple. Take time daily to reflect on everything there is to be grateful for. We can find methods of practicing gratitude that work for us. Some may light a candle; some may use a gratitude journal. We can even create our own rituals. A hot bath with lavender or rose essential oils is a great practice to give thanks for water.

Everyone on a spiritual path needs a gratitude practice. It is essential for all of us who are deepening our relationship with Spirit to thank Him for all of our gifts.

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Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Purification is something we do on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  There are many ways of purifying.  Since our culture does not include purifying rituals as part of our everyday lives, we need to add them ourselves.

Saunas purify our bodies.  Sweat lodges are a combination of sauna and ceremony in which we purify our spirits as well.  Saunas can be makeshift sweat lodges if we combine them with the ceremony of intention.

We purify our homes of negative energies.  We can use cedar or sage to smudge them.  We can sprinkle them with water and orange peel in a feng sui ritual.  We can also sprinkle them with holy water.  Catholic priests perform home-blessing rituals.  We can burn salt for heavy-duty purification.

We can purify ourselves by smudging or taking ritual baths.  Pets can also be smudged with burning sage.  Dogs can be sprinkled but cats do not take well to sprinkling with water, holy or otherwise!

It is important to be purified after certain ordeals in life.  Many cultures have rituals for purifying warriors returning home from war.  This is an important emotional purification.  We cannot expect people who fought in a war to just drop back into society like nothing has happened.  They need a method of healing themselves from the experience.

After purification, it is important to remember that the past is now put to rest.

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Tying Up Loose Ends

Integration is making it all come together.  It is taking all the loose ends and tying them up into a functional existence.  Integration also involves getting rid of things, people, and activities that no longer serve us.

There are several processes to help with integration.  We can integrate energy by dancing.  We can dance with others or alone.  We can use instruments or just play music.  Dancing gets us into the right brain play mode and allows us to clear our minds from all those thoughts about to-do lists and appointments.  And during the process, we may cull out the things that are just cluttering up our lives.

Meditation is another process to aid in integration.  In meditation, we clear our minds of the attention we put on our thoughts.  After meditating we can approach our lives with clearer, more grounded minds.

Another process is journaling.  Journaling is a way of tapping into our source of higher knowledge.  There is great power in writing.  The process allows us to put our thoughts on paper and also pull out deeper thoughts.  Some of these thoughts are subconscious.  Journaling give us the opportunity to integrate our lives on paper.

Integration is not just important for efficiency and effectiveness.  It allows us a sense of freedom because we are not harried by disjointedness in life.

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Be Not Afraid

Faith involves trusting in the Divine.  The tricky part is that faith does not come easily.  We cultivate faith by having trust.  We also cultivate faith by overcoming fear.

Having fear part is easy.  Overcoming it is more difficult.  We have plenty of opportunities to learn fear in our lives.  Often it is by hearing about something that can happen to us.  The plethora of horror and crime novels and movies only adds to the mix.

Those of us needing to overcome fear and learn to trust and have faith simply need to ask the Divine for help.  We can ask God to show us a sign by putting something in our lives that is unexpected, pleasurable, and leaves no doubt in our minds that it came from Him.  Traditional religious paths taught us that we should not ask for signs; we should just have faith.  This is unreasonable with adults.  Our reasoning abilities work with the feedback we are given.  God knows this and is willing to help.

Faith is a wonderful thing.  It allows us to go through life unafraid, knowing we are not alone.  Even when things are not going well, faith allows us to look for the blessing in every situation.  We know we do not face challenges alone.  And we know the challenge is not for nothing, we will reap something of later use for us in life.

Having faith is when we know that God has it covered.  It is in accepting that everything happens for a reason and that God does not give us more than we can handle.  This is not easy to do at first.  It is especially challenging when things go wrong.

As we go through life cultivating faith, we start to notice that the hills and valleys get less high and less deep.  We realize when something happens that it is for a reason.  We look for the lesson or the benefit we can reap from it.  It begins to be automatic: the car will not start so we know that we are not supposed to go, either because something harmful would be there or something better is somewhere else.  We get sick and realize we had made a to-do list that was way too long.  We have a date with someone who never calls back and realize that he or she is not the right partner.

Cultivating faith is rewarding.  It allows us to relax and not fret about life.  Spirit can also help us more when we are faithful.  We notice this when a major hailstorm hits and our house is the only one with no broken windows.  God does not punish those with less faith.  But faith is the open door by which blessings enter.  And do not forget to give thanks for these blessings.

Having faith means we know that a Benevolent Being is in charge, that everything will ultimately turn out for the best and that all is good and very good.  Faith is a wonderful virtue to cultivate.  Having faith allows us to relax.

We all have small nuggets of faith inside of us.  They are left from our childhoods when we believed in all things wonderful.  We can bring back that faith by concentrating on it and letting it grow.  We can contemplate all the things in life that worked out just perfectly and remember that they are not just coincidences.

We can ask for more faith.  This is especially important during those dark nights of the soul when we feel our faith is empty and when we think we are alone.  “Lord I believe, help my unbelief,” is a favorite prayer for increasing faith.

Focusing on our faith during good times will give us the strength to get through challenging times.  Faith becomes something always remembered.  Faith is always there, by allowing it to be, we become accustomed to its continuous presence.

We are never alone.  And nothing happens that is not ultimately for the best and highest good.  Remember this in challenging times and relax.  Having faith means we do not need to fret or worry.  All will be well.

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my new blog!  I’ll be posting writings from my book to this page.  Current writings and info about the book can be found at a Facebook page called A Walk Through the Garden.

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