Joy is more than happiness.  It is the knowledge that all is right in the world.  Even when we know that there is a lot in the world that is not what we would call right.  It is the acceptance that everyone is experiencing his or her spiritual path.  It is the acceptance that our own lives are good and that we are learning our intended lessons from them.

Living with joy means we make a choice not to suffer.  It does not mean our lives are free of hardships.  It means that we choose not to waste the experience but to learn from it.

Practicing joy is not difficult.  It is making the choice to be grateful for our blessings, and to be happy about life.  Like practicing gratitude, practicing joy is a habit that becomes automatic after a while.

Often in life, we are in situations that could be called less than joyful.  We can still make the choice to live a joyful life.  We can also, at the same time, work on changing the situation.  If we are in an unpleasant job, we should be trying to change that if possible.  Being joyful does not mean being a martyr to suffering.  It is instead a refusal to suffer and the confidence to know we write our own happy endings.  Often, joy will help us improve a situation.  Not only can our joy spread to those around us but employers are more likely to hire the joyful person and other joyful people will want to form relationships with us.  We do not find joy in life.  We choose joy.


About Denise Onyskiw

I am now retired but no lady of leisure status for me! I started my own business, Onyskiw Engineering, LLC, which keeps me engaged with the professionals I enjoy working with. I am also an artist specializing in fiber arts and needlework but also studying Botanical Illustration at the Botanic Gardens.
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