Bridging is the joining with others. It can be between us as individuals to other individuals or it can be between our families and other families or it can be between our nation and other nations. It is an acknowledgment of the oneness of all. We can explore this joining in a contemplation of how we can cultivate peace and harmony in our lives. Then we can spread that peace and harmony to others. The ripples we create will continue to radiate outward. We also bridge between periods in our lives. Graduation, marriage, and retirements are all bridges from one period to another. We celebrate these events and eagerly go forth into the next period of our lives. We have bridges between concepts. We learn something that allows us to move into a new belief system. We let go of something that takes us away from an old belief system that no longer works for us. On our spiritual paths we will cross many bridges as we move from one learning to another. At the same time we will become aware of the infinite number of bridges that connect us all. Through these processes we will connect with others, for varying amounts of time, as we move through life.


About Denise Onyskiw

I am now retired but no lady of leisure status for me! I started my own business, Onyskiw Engineering, LLC, which keeps me engaged with the professionals I enjoy working with. I am also an artist specializing in fiber arts and needlework but also studying Botanical Illustration at the Botanic Gardens.
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