When Your Soul is Filled

God has filled the entire world with inspiration: beauty, flowers, majestic mountains, and sunsets. Other people also inspire with their creations of art, music, film, speech. There is no lacking for inspiration.

If we are having trouble being inspired, we can always look back at what last inspired us. Savor that feeling. Then recreate it.

Just as others can inspire us we can inspire others. Going through life with the positive emotions of love, joy, and gratitude will give others the inspiration to do the same. This will lead to all of us accomplishing good things for the world, both great and small.

We sometimes need to seek out inspiration. Study the lives of those whom you admire. What is inspiring about them? What were their attitudes like? How did they face adversity? We can also look back at our own lives for inspiration. How did we face a challenge in our past? Who inspired us then? Who was inspired by us and told us so?

We can always ask God for inspiration. It may come as something surprising that we never expected. Or, it may come by us suddenly, noticing something in our world that was always there but we never quite noticed before until now.

Be inspired!


About Denise Onyskiw

I am now retired but no lady of leisure status for me! I started my own business, Onyskiw Engineering, LLC, which keeps me engaged with the professionals I enjoy working with. I am also an artist specializing in fiber arts and needlework but also studying Botanical Illustration at the Botanic Gardens.
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