Do Something!

Action is our part of manifestation.  God does not perform our actions for us and neither do angels.  We say the prayer, let God do Her part, and proceed with our past.

We pray for career success.  God sets up the opportunities and we respond to them.  We still have to get up every weekday and go to the job, regardless if this career will be the success one or another one will be.  We pray for good health.  We still have to exercise, eat right, and see the appropriate healer for checkups and treatments.

In that time between the saying of the prayer and the manifestation of the outcome, we take action.  We demonstrate the manifestation by responding to all the opportunities God puts out for us.  And we take positive actions in our jobs, our relationships, our health as if we already have the answer to the prayer.

Our actions show the Universe our intentions.  We give to charity and circulate our wealth in order to have more wealth.  We wish good health to and take care of others in order to have good health.  We love and respect others in order to have good relationships.  We show up fully at our jobs, regardless of whether they are our true vocations or just interim steps, in order to have career success.

Angels cannot do all the work for us.  We have our assignments, too.


Action is an important step in manifestation.  You can pray, visualize, or affirm till the proverbial cows come home, but if there is work you need to do, things will not manifest.

We have all heard the expression, “Actions speak louder than words”.  We must watch our actions as we present ourselves in the world.  It does not matter what we teach if we do not practice our teachings.  We will be remembered for our actions, not our words.

Our actions need to be good ones if we do not want the consequences of bad actions.  Every major religion warns of the consequences of doing wrong.  In the East, this is known as karma.  In the West, it is said that we reap what we sow.

We will always be judged by our actions, whether it is the result of Universal Law returning what we put out or those who watch us and compare what we say with what we do.

Actions of kindness strengthen relationships.  We can tell someone how valuable his or her friendship is but showing our friend this with acts of kindness makes an indelible impression.

Our actions are especially important with children.  They learn by imitation and will do as we do, rather than what we say.


About Denise Onyskiw

I am now retired but no lady of leisure status for me! I started my own business, Onyskiw Engineering, LLC, which keeps me engaged with the professionals I enjoy working with. I am also an artist specializing in fiber arts and needlework but also studying Botanical Illustration at the Botanic Gardens.
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